About The ProjecT

GivingCare – Empowering Personal Caregivers and Personal Assistants by developing Technical, Soft and Digital Skills is an international partnership between Santa Maria Health School (PT), Coruña University (SP), Jagiellonian University (PL), Ljubljana University (SL), Eurocarers (BE), Associação Portuguesa de Neuromusculares (PT), and FILMESDAMENTE (PT). This Project aims to train personal caregivers and formal and informal personal assistants, and other health professionals, through the development of technical and digital skills, soft skills, responding to the gap in the supply of Higher Education Institutions, through the design and implementation of an Innovative Continuing Education Program and respective materials / resources, based on independent modules.

Final Conference - GivingCare
Final Conference – GivingCare


We are combining the efforts of organizations from different countries, with different cultural background, history and experience. As a result, we will bring the diversity and richness of experiences. Therefore, the GivingCare Project will be beneficial to yielding more qualitative results, than potential separate regional approaches. With more than 30 researchers, technicians and administrative staff, we seek to fill a gap in the training of all people in direct or indirect contact within the Care area.


Check the activities we carrie out. This platform will serve to share updates and information with stakeholders and interested parties.