3rd Transnational Project Meeting

2nd Transnational Project Meeting

The 2nd Transnational Project Meeting was initial designed to be held at Ljubljana University. However, having attention to the pandemic, the GivingCare Project’s Second Official International this meeting was held via Zoom call. This meeting took place on July 12th at 15:00 (Lisbon time) and marked the transition from Output 1 to Output 2.

Meeting Agenda

  • Informations
  • Review of the Output 1
  • Transition to Output 2
  • Task distribution and calendarization
  • Other subjects

During the meeting, the GivingCare project team took the opportunity to take stock of the work accomplished so far. One of the most significant achievements was the definition of the Continuous Education Programme, which consists of six modules, each worth 1 ECTS, divided into 32 sub-modules. The process to reach this result was long and involved several steps that the team had to carry out meticulously:

  1. Definition of the structure draft of the Continuous Education Programme
  2. Co-desing of the Continuous Education Programme
  3. Validation of the final version of the Continuous Education Programme

Firstly, the team had to conduct an in-depth analysis of the existing resources and materials available for the development of the programme. With this in mind, the team conducted this analysis to identify gaps and deficiencies that required addressing in the program.

Afterward, the team identified the specific topics that each module would cover and worked on the structure of the sub-modules, ensuring that each one would align with the overall goals of the project.

Finally, the team reviewed and refined the programme, ensuring that it was comprehensive, relevant, and aligned with the latest research and best practices in the field of care-giving. The quality and depth of the programme reflected the team’s dedication and hard work, indicating its potential positive impact on the personal and professional lives of caregivers and personal assistants.

Intelectual Output 2 – GivingCare Educational Materials

Furthermore, we have the IO2 – GivingCare Educational Materials. The 2nd Output, which will be led by Ljubljana University, will consist of:

  • Creation of a toolkit / manual for students
  • Creation of educative resources for teachers
  • Implementation of the pilot course in each institution (around January 2022)
  • Creation of long distance materials

In conclusion, the working method for IO2 was defined during this 2nd Transnational Project Meeting. Specifically, each partner will choose either one complete module or 5-6 sub-modules and propose a program in English.