Our Team

Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Slovenia and Poland: our team is combining the efforts of organizations from different countries, with different cultural background, history and experience. As a result, we will bring the diversity and richness of experiences. Therefore, the GivingCare Project will be beneficial to yielding more qualitative results, than potential separate regional approaches. With more than 30 researchers, technicians and administrative staff, we seek to fill a gap in the training of all people in direct or indirect contact within the Care area.

Santa Maria health school

The Santa Maria Health School is an institution of Polytechnic Higher Education, it teaches nursing, physiotherapy and long-term care courses, in addition to free courses, post-graduates and post-licentitates. It aims to train highly qualified health professionals in the human, scientific, technical and cultural aspects, within the framework of ethical and moral values of the Franciscan matrix that inspires their activity, while being recognized as a reference school in the field of health and in the area of active and healthy aging.

The institution also contributes to the strengthening of active citizenship, social cohesion and personal fulfillment, in the sense of consolidating advances in different areas of knowledge to transform today’s society into a true society of knowledge and participation, with a spirit of solidarity and social concerns. To do so, they carry out training intitiatives and volunteering projects, aimed at non-traditional audiences and to respond to emerging issues in the surrounding community, which includes groups with specific social, family, professional and academic expectations.

Santa Maria Healht School Team


Abílio Cardoso Teixeira is an Adjunct Teacher at Santa Maria Health School and and worked, previously, for 15 years, as Nurse at Intensive Care Unit 1 at Porto Hospital Center. In addition, he collaborates at Center for Health Technology and Services Research, focusing on Evidence-Based Practice, Professional Empowerment and Intensive care. Abílio has a PhD in Nursing sciences. 


Ana Couto is an Adjunct Professor at the Santa Maria School of Health, Adjunct Professor at the Instituto Politécnico Superior do Norte – Escola Superior de Saúde do Vale do Sousa and a Doctorate student at the Center for Rehabilitation Research. Moreover, she has a Master’s degree in Therapy and Rehabilitation from Cooperativa de Ensino Superior Politécnico e Universitário, another Master’s in Neurological Rehabilitation from Universidade Católica Portuguesa – Instituto de Ciências da Saúde and a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from Cooperativa de Ensino Superior Politécnico e Universitário.


Catarina Simões has been a Palliative Care Nurse for 25 years. Has a Master Degree in Oncology, a Specialization in Community Care, Palliative Care and Bioethics and and she is a PhD student in Nursing. Currently, she is a Professor in Escola Superior de saúde Santa Maria since 2017.


Cristiane Silva is an adjunct professor in the Nursing Degree and Coordinator of the Higher Technical Course in Gerontology and Extended Care, at the Santa Maria School of Health. Surely, with numerous articles in specialized magazines, participations in several events, projects, and books, her nursing experience focuses mostly in epidemiology and infection control related to health, health service indicators and quality of care, adult and elderly health. Moreover, she has a degree in Nursing and Obstetrics from the School of Nursing at USP, a Nursing Degree from ESSJP, a Master’s Degree in Adult Health from the School of Nursing at the University of São Paulo and a Doctorate in Sciences of Health by the School of Nursing, University of São Paulo and University of Porto.


Eduardo Batalha is a Researcher at Santa Maria Health School and a Senior Technician at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria’s International Office. Before that, he was a Senior Technitian at Leiria City Council, in the Economic Development Division. He attended the Doctorate in Social Sciences programme at the University of Lisbon, obtained a Master’s in Education Sciences at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria and a Bachelor’s in International Relations at University of Minho. Moreover, he also has two Post-Graduations, in Executive Coaching and Political Marketing and Communication.


Goreti Marques is a coordinating professor at Santa Maria Health School. Subsequently, coordinated and participated in several articles for specialized magazines, organized and participated in various national and international events and has been involved in many researching projects. Moreover, she has completed a Doctorate in Nursing from Universidade Católica do Porto and has a Master’s degree in Management and Administration of Health Services from Universidade Católica Portuguesa as well as a Bachelor’s in Nursing from Escola Superior de Enfermagem Jean Piaget Viseu.

JOSÉ MANUEL SILVA (Project Coordinator)

José Manuel Silva is the president of the board of directors of Santa Maria Health School. Hence, within the scope of the activities he has been developing in the area of ​​social impacts of the growing longevity of the population, founded and is the president of Caregivers Portugal, a caregivers association without for profit. Moreover, he as Doctorat in Educational Sciences from the University of Extremadura and a Master in Educational Sciences from the University of Boston. Before that, he Graduated in History from the University of Lisbon and post-graduated on Universities Strategic Direction from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. During his career, he has held both teaching and coordination functions at different education cycles, while also participating and consulting in several projects at both national and international levels.


Mariana Silva is a technician from the International Relations and Cooperation Office at the Santa Maria Health School. Coordinates mobility programmes and collaborates in the management of international projects. Moreover, collaborates with the Scholarship Department and in Roadshow activities and she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from  University of Minho.


Raquel Simões de Almeida. PhD in Psychology, area of Human Relations, Health and Well-being (FPCE-UP). She has an undergraduate degree in Occupational Therapy by ESS-P.PORTO. And Masters degree in Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Mental Health by FPCE-UP. She has also advanced training in Coaching for the development of personal and professional skills as well as training in Mindfulness in health contexts. Currently, she is a researcher at the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Lab – Center for Rehabilitation research and she is an invited lecturer at ESS-P.PORTO.

She also works as an occupational therapist and develops lifestyle redesign programs that seek to provide people who experience mental health problems with strategies and opportunities to increase participation in identified meaningful activities for life satisfaction and to positively impact physical and mental health. Moreover, she is responsible for coordinating several national and international projects in the areas of sports and physical activity, quality of life (employment, housing and leisure), leadership and empowerment of vulnerable groups. She developed, for example, a mobile app for illness self-management for people with schizophrenia, a platform for Mental Health literacy, and many b-learning courses for health issues. Some of her interests are: lifestyle redesign; new technologies transforming healthcare; life coaching; active living; mental health and well-being.


Tania Marisa Pinto Rodrigues. Completed the Doctorate in Nursing Sciences in 2022 by the University of Porto Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas Abel Salazar. Master in Master in Rehabilitation Nursing in 2013/02 by the Escola Superior de Enfermagem do Porto. And Degree in Degree in Nursing in 2005/07 by Escola Superior de Saúde Jean Piaget Nordeste. She is an Adjunct Professor at the Escola Superior de Saúde Santa Maria. Published 4 articles in specialized magazines. Has 1 book chapter(s). Organized 2 event(s). Participated in 27 event(s). Works in the area(s) of Medical and Health Sciences with an emphasis on Health Sciences with an emphasis on Nursing.


Vanessa Sousa is a Project Manager at the Santa Maria Health School, hence, having already collaborated in various projects through other institutions, has experience in project logistics and management. Moreover, has a Master’s degree in Literary, Cultural and Interart Studies from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto and a Bachelor’s in Portuguese and Lusophone Studies also from Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto.


Virgínia Prazeres is a Guest Adjunct Teacher at the Santa Maria Health School and Emergency and Intensive Care Nurse at the Porto University Hospital Center, having constributed to mentoring and training initiatives as a tutor/teacher. Outside her academic career, she has completed inumerous courses and training programmes related to nursing and intensive care. She has a Master’s on Rehabilitation Nursing from Santa Maria Health School, a Post-Graduation in Intensive Care Nursing and a Bachelor’s in Nursing from Escola Superior de Saúde do Vale do Sousa do Instituto Politécnico de Saúde do Norte – CESPU.


The University of A Coruña was founded in 1989. As a public service, is open to the society in general. The University of A Coruña is a modern, innovative and dynamic university. It actively encourages integral training and education through specific programmes covering the areas of culture, cooperation, equality, languages and technology. The University of A Coruña has campuses in A Coruña and in Ferrol, two beautiful coastal cities in the Northwestern Spain. Together, these two cities form Galicia’s most dynamic cultural and economic area. It is highly committed with internationalization. Different international programmes foster the international mobility of its community as an academic and cultural experience, and increase the presence of foreign students in its campus. Every year, more than 500 international researchers and students come to the UDC thanks to a similar number of bilateral exchange agreements, special programmes and joint titles.



Adriana Ávila Álvarez is occupational therapist, PhD in Psychology, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences (University of A Coruña) and professor in the Occupational Therapy degree. She has published various studies in journals with a high impact factor, in the areas of occupational therapy interventions for older people, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, music therapy and caregiver advice. She is coordinator of the Research Unit of Occupational Therapy in Non-Pharmacological Interventions (University of A Coruña) and principal investigator of various projects on animal-assisted therapy. Regarding professional experience, she has worked for more than ten years as an occupational therapist in the field of care for caregivers and older people, performing tasks of counseling and intervention in homes and residential centers. 


Iván de Rosende Celeiro is occupational therapist, PhD in Health Sciences and assistant professor in the Occupational Therapy degree (University of A Coruña). Regarding the research field, he has published several studies in journals with a high impact factor, in the areas of efficacy of occupational therapy services, home care for people with disabilities in ADLs and older people, caregiver advice, Alzheimer’s disease and animal-assisted therapy interventions. He has developed his professional experience in various health and social care services: in an assisted living facility for older people, in the rehabilitation service of a general hospital and in the Office for Legal Certification of Long-term Care Need of the city of Coruña. In this last service, he worked for more than 12 years as a regional government official, performing tasks of advising caregivers and legal certification of long-term care need. 


Laura Nieto Riveiro is occupational therapist, PhD in Health Sciences and assistant professor in the Occupational Therapy degree (University of A Coruña). She has published several studies in journals with a high impact factor, in the areas of occupational therapy interventions with older people, people with intellectual disabilities or people with physical disabilities, the promotion of active aging, and the development  and application of technology to improve health, personal autonomy or quality of life of these populations. Dr. Riveiro is also co-author of book chapters, and communications and posters in scientific conferences and seminars, at regional, national and international level.

She is member of TALIONIS Research Group (https://talionis.citic.udc.es/), and has participated in different research projects and contracts with both public and private entities. Regarding professional experience, she has developed various intervention and counselling programmes in day centres and homes for the older people, and in associations for people with disabilities. In addition, she has provided some training courses for informal caregivers.


Nereida Canosa Domínguez is the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Health Science, and the coordinator of the Occupational Therapy’s Bachelor at the University of A Coruña. Has a Master Degree in Health Assistance and Research, and a Postgraduate in Management and Direction of Social Services. Received the tittle of Superior Graduate in Gerontology, with the social specialization. Is member of the TALIONIS research group, being her priority lines of research mental health, technologies to promote the health and gender studies. Participated in research projects about functional diversity and assistive technology with different populations, as well as in participatory health.

Her professional experience has been linked to the public health service of Galicia during 5 years, and in the private enterprises as a responsible of communication technologies. From 2009, she is teacher at the university of A Coruña in full-time, with collaborations from 2006 in the work placement of the OT’s bachelor.


Thais Pousada García is PhD in Health Science by University of A Coruña (2011). She is a graduate in occupational therapy (2003-2006), with a master degree in Health Assistance an Research (2018). In 2016 she got a degree in Nursing. She is a Professor in the Faculty of Health Science at the University of A Coruña. Her professional experience includes job positions in different organizations and enterprise, and different topics of occupational therapy`s intervention, such as elderly, people with neurological conditions, and, especially people with rare diseases, in concrete, with Neuromuscular Disorders. She is a member of TALIONIS Research Group (https://talionis.citic.udc.es/). And she is involved in different projects focused on assistive technologies (especially with 3D printers).


The Jagiellonian University (JU), founded in 1364 is one of the oldest universities in Central Europe and leading research institution in Poland. Conducting research across a wide range of disciplines, with 16 faculties, over 41000 students, over 4400 academic teachers and over 700 professors. JU provides over 140 professionally focused course areas in the most notable fields (natural and social sciences, humanities, medicine etc.). For the past few years, JU has consistently occupied top positions in various rankings of the best universities in Poland. Being recognised worldwide, the JU is a member of the European University Association, Coimbra Group, International Research Universities network and the Utrecht Network.

Jagiellonian University has been either a grant holder or a consortium member in a large number of Tempus and other international, educational and research projects. Academics from the University are effective in their competition for grants from European research programmes, and the University has 4 European Centres of Excellence. JU managed international research and educational projects within different programmes, such as: Horizon2020, 7. Framework Programme, Lifelong Learning Programme, Erasmus+ COST and many others. They cooperate with over 200 foreign universities.

Jagiellonian University Medical College is the leading Polish medical school taking pride in the excellent teaching staff. It’ part of JU and consists of three faculties  (Medicine, Pharmacy and Health Sciences). Employs over 2000 professionals, including about 1200 academic teachers and researchers.



Alicja Kamińska, RN, MN, PhD Specialist in geriatric nursing, Currently an academic teacher, assistant professor in the Theory and Nursing Department of the Institute of Nursing and Midwifery of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Collegium Medicum, Jagiellonian University in Cracow (Poland). Scientific activities focused on such issues as professional nursing care, geriatric care and introducing electronic medical documentation in nursing work. Chief of Daily Activation Center  for Dependent Persons in MIEJSKIE CENTRUM OPIEKI DLA OSÓB STARSZYCH, PRZEWLEKLE NIEPEŁNOSPRAWNYCH ORAZ NIESAMODZIELNYCH W KRAKOWIE.  She participated in the EU projects: POWR.05.05.00-00-0012/18; RPMP.09.02.02-12-0447/17


Anna Majda, RN, MN, PhD specialist in Concervative Nursing and Nursing Teaching, Graduate School of Nursing, M. Copernicus in Cracow, Academy of Anti-Discrimination Training – studio of cultural sensitivity. Currently an academic teacher, assistant professor in the Theory and Nursing Department of the Institute of Nursing and Midwifery of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Collegium Medicum, Jagiellonian University in Cracow (Poland). Lecturer in nursing and intercultural communication. Scientific activities focused on such issues as professional nursing care, proprocessives and nursing history, health promotion and conservative and transcultural nursing. Co-editor and author of “Transcultural Nursing” (2010), “Cultural Diversity in Nursing” (2014), “Basics of Nursing” (2017). Author of numerous chapters in nursing publications, interdisciplinary articles, including the cultural conditioning of nursing care, caring for the disabled.

Leader and member of research projects, including those concerning functioning in a multicultural environment, modern teaching methods, carers of dependent people and old patients. Editor of the portal “Support of the Guardian”. Actively participated in three editions of the project under the IROP, in the years 2011-2014 “Medical carer – a new profession on the labor market, training to care for the elderly and disabled”. She participated in the EU projects: POWER 05.03.00-00-0006/15-00; RPMP.09.02.02-12-0447/17.


Ewa Kawalec-Kajstura RN, MN, PhD Specialist in geriatric nursing, Adjunct at the Department of Internal and Community Nursing, Faculty Health Sciencies, JUCM. Since 2005 has been working and teaching nursing students at the internal and geriatric ward. Her research focused on health promotion and prevention of civilization diseases. Currently under specialization in geriatric nursing – she deals with the study of quality of life and health problems of seniors (especially nutritional status disorders). She participates in activities aimed at educating informal carers of the elderly.

Author of internet guides and conducts workshops on care of the elderly at home. She cooperates with Manko Association – a NGO that is the initiator of numerous social and educational campaigns for the elderly (also of international coverage) and the publisher of the magazine for elderly – Głos Seniora. As part of cooperation with the Association, she is the coordinator of a research project carried out by students of Global Health from University of Copenhagen.


Iwona Bodys-Cupak, RN, MN, PhD Specialist in nephrology nursing. Currently an academic teacher, assistant professor in the Theory and Nursing Department of the Institute of Nursing and Midwifery of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Collegium Medicum, Jagiellonian University in Cracow (Poland). Scientific activities focused on such issues as professional nursing care, and innovative teaching methods as e-learning, virtual patients, medical simmulations in nursing education. Actively participated in three editions of the project under the IROP, in the years 2011-2014 “Medical carer – a new profession on the labor market, training to care for the elderly and disabled”.  She participated in the EU projects: POWER 05.03.00-00-0006/15-00; POWR.05.05.00-00-0012/18.


Iwona Malinowska-Lipień RN, MN, PhD Specialist in geriatric nursing. Assistant professor in the Department of Internal and Community Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciencies, JUCM. Coordinator of student mobility under the Erasmus+ Programme the Institute of Nursing and Midwifery. Since 2005 has been working and teaching nursing students at the internal and geriatric ward. In her research, she focuses on health promotion, additionally researching working conditions and the quality of nursing care, safety of patient. Completed postgraduate studies in biomedical statistics, a course in psychotherapy and a specialization in geriatric nursing. She is a long-term care consultant in the Małopolskie Voivodeship. Participated in international projects under the Erasmus+ program dedicated to education and professional qualifications of the nurses. Contributed also in the project “HealthCareEurope” (HCEU) and EUcareNET. She participates in the project “Modern labor market and nursing education exchange.” Project number 2018-1-DE02-KA202-005129


Zuzanna Radosz-Knawa, RN, MN, PhD. Doctor in the Department of Health Science, Jagiellonian University. Interested in nursing management, holistic care, working conditions in hospitals and improving care quality. She participated in the EU projects: POWR.05.05.00-00-0012/18; RPMP.09.02.02-12-0447/17.  

Ljubljana university

The University of Ljubljana is the oldest and largest higher education and scientific research institution in Slovenia. The university, rich in tradition, was founded in 1919. It has about 41,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students and employs about 6,000 university teachers, researchers, assistants and administrators in 23 faculties and 3 academies of arts. The central building, all three academies and faculties are located in the city centre. The UL has been ranked among the best 600 universities by the prestigious Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU). It is ranked 374th in The Centre for World University Rankings (CWUR). In the Times Higher Education (THE) ranking it is listed in the 801-1000 group.

The Faculty Health Sciences of the University of Ljubljana is the largest and oldest higher education and scientific research institution in the field of health care in Slovenia. The main activities of the Faculty are higher education and research. It has the longest tradition of higher education in nursing. And allied health professions in the country and offers 8 study programmes at bachelor and master level. Sanitary Engineering, Midwifery, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Radiologic Technology, Orthotics and Prosthetics, Laboratory Dental Prosthetics and Nursing. The mission of the Faculty is to be a leading Central European educational and research institution in the health sciences. Trains excellent experts at all academic levels, promotes new discoveries through highly original research, and disseminates research knowledge into practise and policy.

Ljubljana university tEAM


Dr. Ljubiša Pađen, registered nurse and a senior lecturer in nursing at the Department of Nursing with teaching focus in rehabilitation nursing, wound care management and theories of nursing. His research interests are in complex wound management, epidemiology of wounds and qualitative research in people’s experiences with wounds. Was principle investigator or researcher in several research projects focusing on wound care, active aging, care for people with dementia, visualisation of procedures related to nursing. He was also a member of the nursing group of the CALOHEE project. Dr. Pađen is also a member of Expert Advisory Committee for Nursing at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia. His areas of research methods expertise are cross-sectional studies, qualitative studies and reviews.


Dr. Manca Pajnič, MA, RN, Head of the Chair of Nursing, is a lecturer at the Department of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ljubljana. Has many years of experience in healthcare practice as a perioperative nurse. She’s been working in academia for more than 10 years. Works educating undergraduate students with focus on fundamentals of nursing, geriatric nursing and perioperative care. She is responsible for skill lab training and simulations for nursing students and holds other organisational responsibilities. I.e. she is Erasmus+ coordinator, she also coordinates practical placement of nursing students in nursing homes for the elderly. Has successfully mentored more than 20 graduates.

Dr. Pajnič was a member of the nursing group of the CALOHEE project. Furthermore, she was/is a member of a project group with student participation working on the design of a nursing hospital in Ljubljana and architectural improvement of an existing nursing home for elderly. Part of her research focus is on simulation training, competence development of future nurses, cross-sectional studies and experimental studies.


Dr. Katarina Galof, BSc in Occupational Therapy, graduated at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Occupational Therapy Department in May 1999 in the field of “Occupational therapy intervention of somatoform disorder”. She’s a lecturer at the Occupational Therapy Department in Gerontic Occupational therapy, Senior Assistive devices and Technology and Inter-professional Collaboration in Health Care. For many years, Dr. Galof was also practical educator for occupational therapy students. Member of the pilot team at the Ministry for Health, Working Groups for the Preparation of the Long-Term Care Act, Grounds for the Implementation of Pilot Projects that supported the transition to the implementation of the systemic Long-Term Care Act. She is an active member of the COTEC. Her areas of research are community-dwelling elderly people, inter-professional collaboration and primary care.


Špela Mihevc, BSc in Occupational Therapy, MSc in Health Promotion, graduated at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Occupational Therapy in April 2000 in the field of “Assessment of perceptual cognitive functions with persons with head injuries”. She is a lecturer in the field of occupational therapy. She has two decades of experience working with people with acquired brain injuries and the elderly, who are living either in an institution or at home.

In her professional career, participated in the establishment of two private centers (Neuro-rehabilitation Center Itero and Center for Holistic Care) and the Chair of the Society for Health and Wellbeing through Occupational Therapy, DelTera, for several years. She is an active member of Slovenian Association of Occupational Therapists. Her areas of interest are focused on community-based occupational therapy, health promotion, use of the Montessori method with the elderly and people with dementia, development of occupational therapy in homelessness, and use of robotics in rehabilitation.


Eurocarers is an European association working for carers. Aims to ensure that care is valued and unpaid care is recognised as central to the sustainability of health and long-term care systems. This network brings together carers’ organisations as well as relevant universities & research institutes– a unique combination that enables evidence-based advocacy. To date, they have 73 members from 26 European countries. Eurocarers defines a carer – also called family or informal carer- as “a person who provides – usually – unpaid care to someone with a chronic illness, disability or other long-lasting health or care need, outside a professional or formal framework”. Carers are one important actor of long-term care systems, in addition (not in opposition) to professional carers.

Eurocarers tEAM


Stecy Yghemonos is executive director of Eurocarers and a Policy, Advocacy and Communication specialist with extensive experience in international advocacy initiatives. It has been involved in activities aiming to promote and address issues such as the achievement of MDGs, universal access to health and social care, press freedom, children’s rights and participative democracy.


Claire Champeix has extensive experience of policy work, research and project coordination in the social field at local and European levels. She has worked with social NGOs at the European level for more than 15 years, and contributed to efficient lobbying and awareness raising strategies aimed at developing social cohesion. Previously, she has been active in promoting the rights and the participation of people experiencing poverty, discrimination and social exclusion. She has also been working with local authorities for 7 years. Claire studied Political Sciences and Sociology.


FILMESDAMENTE Production studio was founded in 2010 to produce creative audio-visual content that provides emotional and engaging experiences. With offices in Porto and Lisbon, FILMESDAMENTE have produced and directed commercial works for LG, Toyota, Nike, McDonald’s, Leroy Merlin, Microsoft and Coca-Cola. Its counting with more than 60 awards in film festivals around the world. The organisation has already participated in European Projects, such as AEERO- Aerospace Engineering ECVET Resources Online (Erasmus+) and European Researchers’ Night (Horizon 2020). In which the production of videos was one of the main tasks, not only promotional but also as a vision of the activities. Besides that, the company has also a vast experience in delivering several workshops related to the audio-visual area. This way, provides trainees with advanced digital cinematographic skills, as well as creative writing for movies.

filmesdamente team


Roberto Santos is a film producer and project manager. Graduated in Audiovisual Communication Technology (Polytechnic of Porto). Managed several projects during 5 years in Paris. Returned to Portugal in 2015 and since then he has produced a featured film and several short films as well as commercial films. Recently he produced the documentary film, “Porto, a City Under Fire ” currently in exhibition at the museum World of Wine.


Nuno Rocha is a director, screenwriter, and film producer. He graduated in Audiovisual Communication Technology (Polytechnic of Porto) and studied Directing at the University of Texas (USA). He is author of several award-winning short films, including “3×3”, “Vicky and Sam” and “Momentos”. In 2016 he directed his first feature film “Mother Knows Best”, winning two Sophia Awards as well as the best Portuguese film at the Spanish festival Reino de León.


Victor Santos is a Portuguese director. He studied Audiovisual Communication at Instituto Politécnico do Porto. He directed CTRL FLY (2005), Timeless (2007), Lost and Found (2010), 23rd Frame (2011) and Playday (2012) . These short films were presented and awarded in several film festivals in Portugal and around the world.

associação portuguesa de neuromusculares

The idea of ​​the Association began to take shape in September 1991. When a group of parents felt the need to unite. At that time, the existing information was very dispersed and not available. The first steps began to be taken for the APN to be officially created, which happened on June 15, 1992.

From the outset, the need to reach as many people as possible was felt. Various pathologies and their causes, which at the time began to show signs of evolution, created in the founders enormous hope for the future. All contacts were then developed with our French counterpart AFM (Association Française contre les Myopathies). AFM was already established in the field and with experience focused on research and care for families.

The APN was finally recognized as IPSS and Public Utility on February 5, 2000. Has more than 1800 members from different perspectives linked to neuromuscular diseases: patients, family members, doctors and health technicians. And also has numerous friends who want to collaborate. It has a national scope and has its provisional headquarters in Porto.

associação portuguesa de neuromusculares team