Continuous Education Programme - Implementatio of pilots

Implementation of Pilots – Portugal

The Implementation of the Pilots in Portugal aims to prepare the modules that compose the final version of the Continuous Education Programme. The project requires testing the quality, quantity, and interest of the contents addressed to the target audience by implementing a pilot course of all modules.

During the months of March and May, 87 students will participate in this pilot course, entirely online. Module 1: Basic Concepts in Care will enroll 38 participants, and Module 5: End-of-Life Care will have 49 students participating. Students receive training for two and a half hours every Saturday morning in a digital space, which is always open to interaction and the debate of ideas.

MODULE 1: Basic Concepts in Caregiving

M1.1 – Introduction to caregiving

M1.2 – Basic concepts in caregiving and well-being

M1.3 – Language & Communication in caregiving

M1.4 – Ageing process

M1.5 – Disabilities & Highly disabling diseases

M1.6 – Psychosocial aspects & inclusion

MODULE 5: End-of-Life Care

M5.1 – Principles of palliative care

M5.2 – General principles of symptom control

M5.3 – Ethics, Religion, Culture and Spirituality

M5.4 – Mourning and Family Support

The Implementation of the Pilots in Portugal aims to stimulate the perception of the basic concepts of the caregiver, and it is taught through modules. The team responsible for implementing the pilots in Portugal consists of teachers from the health area, nurses, and specialists in care. This partnership is between Santa Maria Health School and Associação Portuguesa de Neuromusculares.

Additionally, courses in Spain, Poland, and Slovenia are about to begin. These courses will cover the same topics as the pilot course.