Final Conference - GivingCare

The final conference of the GivingCare project

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The final conference of the GivingCare – Empowering Caregivers project will take place on Friday 5th May (a.m.) 

The GivingCare – Empowering Caregivers project has developed and tested an innovative Continuous Education Programme. This project has also reflected on a Competence Profile for carers and developed awareness raising material.

This conference will offer the possibility to discover the Giving Care training modules, learn about the outcomes of the piloting in Spain, Portugal, Poland and Slovenia, and discuss the way forward in the current policy context at European level. 

The last three years

  • How to bridge the care skills gap?
  • How to ensure health and care professionals have the skills required to provide quality care to older persons?
  • How to support informal carers through empowering training opportunities?

Among Long-Term Care workers, only 1 in 2 consider that their “present skills correspond well with their duties”[1]. Growing evidence points to the need to develop skills among care workers to ensure the quality of care services at a time requirements are becoming increasingly complex. Training is also key to improving working conditions and job attractiveness in the care sector when European countries face a perilous shortage of staff in the care sector. Parallelly, the pivotal role of informal carers is being increasingly acknowledged, as well as their need for support, including accessible and relevant training.

Bringing together Health Schools, Universities, and civil society organisations from Spain, Portugal, Poland and Slovenia, the Giving Care project aims at empowering carers and fostering their recognition through training. Therefore, partners have developed and tested a Continuous Education Programme, and produced corresponding training material for professional and informal carers, and awareness raising tools. The partnership also reflected on the content of Competence Profile for carers.

Concluding three years of cooperation

Concluding three years of cooperation, this event will offer the possibility to discover the Giving Care training modules, learn about the piloting’s outcomes, and discuss the way forward in the current policy context at the European level. 

To Whom?

It is open to all relevant stakeholders:

  • students
  • care workers
  • informal carers workers
  • training providers
  • policymakers…


This event will take place in Brussels and online. The registration is open until 25th April.

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[1] Eurofound (2020), Long-term care workforce: Employment and working conditions, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg


3rd Transnational Project Meeting

3rd Transnational Project Meeting

Jagiellonian University organized in Kraków the 3rd Transnational Project Meeting between June 20th and 24th, 2022. It was the first face-to-face meeting of the GivingCare project team. Team Members assessed the project’s progress and analyze what has been achieved and what still needs to be done.

Since IO2 is still in progress, it was crucial to present the results of the Continuous Education Program Pilot. All partners analyzed the different implementations in each country and considered the pre and post surveys that the students completed. The analysis of the surveys was necessary to improve the second phase of the pilot.

Ljubljana University was responsible for monitoring the IO2. They prepared a presentation to contribute to the analysis of IO2 documents (in the final stage of development).

Intelectual Output 2 – GivingCare Educational Materials

  • A2.1- Toolkit/Manual for students
  • A2.2- Educative Resources for teachers
  • A2.3- Distance learning materials,

In the second part of the meeting, under the responsibility of the Jagiellonian University, were defined more concrete plans for carrying out the activities of IO3- Guides for Personal.

Intelectual Output 3 – Guides for Personal

  • A3.1- Supportive manual for Personal
  • A3.2 – Good practices guide for caring
  • A3.3 – Storytelling Videos

Eurocarers presented a document titled “How to take care of who cares” during the meeting, with essential bullet points for the development of A3.2. In addition, filmesmente presented the sketch and screenplay for the videos that will introduce each of the modules and will be used as a promotion and dissemination tool for the GivingCare Project.

We also discussed the project’s financial balance and received feedback from the agency on the Interim report during the meeting.

The 3rd Transnational Project Meeting played a crucial role in monitoring the progress of IO2 and IO3 activities, as well as reviewing and improving implementation plans and agreed-upon deadlines.

GivingCare Team at Jagiellonian University Medical College